Widex Moment Sheer

The perfection of natural sound

Built on the proven benefits of natural sound in overcoming the challenges of hearing loss, Widex Moment Sheer goes beyond better hearing, to empower your patients with better living.

Sound so natural, you will forget you're wearing hearing aids.

PureSound with ZeroDelay continues to deliver the fastest sound processing available in a digital hearing aid to eliminate the problem of delay-based distortion. With a new range of instant ear-tip options and fitting recommendations, Moment Sheer provides more flexibility across a broader range of hearing losses.

Advanced technology for engagement and well-being

Moment Sheer offers more impactful and refined customization through MySoundTM 2.0, with added SoundRelaxTM tones to support well-being through greater relaxation and increased concentration. Moment Sheer also comes with enhanced accessories to help you patients remove barriers to fully engage in their environment and loved ones.

Hearing aids and accessories that look as good as they sound

From the modern design of the sRIC R D to the sleek accessories, no design detail has been overlooked. Each element provides both form and function, providing an elevated user experience that instills pride and confidence in ownership. Overall, the new Widex Moment Sheer exemplifies the Widex Difference — empowering you to stand out as a provider of choice, backed by the solutions, service and support only Widex can provide.

Full control via iOS and Android

The intuitive and easy-to-use Moment smartphone app for both iOS and compatible Android devices gives users control over a wide range of functions and settings on their hearing aids. Among many other features, the app provides access to the powerful but easy-to-use personalization of MySound 2.0 as well as tips and advice about using their hearing aids with MyGuide.

Made for a world of streaming

The Bluetooth® 2.4 GHz-radio chip used in Moment allows high-quality streaming directly from iOS and compatible Android devices as well as from TV Play and Sound Assist.

Widex MyGuide — Your guide to making the most of Moment MyGuide is a section of the Moment app that gives users advice in the form of step-by-step instructions and videos to help you with everything from turning your hearing aids on to personalizing your sound with MySound. There’s also a series of short courses designed to help users get used to daily life with their hearing aids.

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  • Rechargeable
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth streaming Suitable for: Mild, Moderate and Severe hearing loss
  • Fitting: Could be fit with dome, canal mould or different types of the earmould
  • Remote programming (need Widex Remote Link)

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