Intelligent Today, Smarter Tomorrow

Automatically adjusts to your real-life needs

Now the quality of your hearing experience can evolve in real time and in real life. Your Widex EVOKE hearing instruments offer interactive options that help you intuitively shape your listening experience anywhere, so you can easily take control. And if you prefer not to take control, EVOKE automatically adjusts to your real-life needs within your real-world environment. With Widex EVOKE, you don’t miss a single moment.

Keeps up with your life

EVOKE™ knows the difference between classical music and contemporary music, and how a meeting room sounds different than a social gathering — like a party. It keeps up with you everywhere — mapping your environment and adjusting accordingly. Because the sounds you’re exposed to are always changing, EVOKE™ automatically reacts to the environment around you — smoothly and in real time.

Smarter Tomorrow

Every time you interact with Widex EVOKE™, it improves. For example, if you personalize your sound settings at your favorite restaurant, EVOKE™ will learn from that and know to provide the same listening experience for you every time you visit that restaurant. Widex will then use this anonymous data from wearers around the world to keep updating the SoundSense Technology in EVOKE™, so that it gets even smarter over time. Never before has a hearing device been able to create a network of wearers that will help build a better, smarter hearing tomorrow.

Easy. Intuative. Tailored

Want an even more personalized sound? Teach EVOKE™ how you prefer to hear with a few taps on the EVOKE™ app. The SoundSense Learn function gives you two sound profiles to choose from. Simply listen to them and select the sound you prefer — as many times as you want. It has never been easier to improve your hearing in everyday, real-life situations.

Hear Every Moment

When it’s noisy, you need your hearing instrument to filter out anything that can distract you from hearing speech. But in quiet situations you want to hear all the subtle details. EVOKE™ has a built-in controller that sets the optimal sound for different sound environments. Now you can experience what’s happening in each real-life moment and never miss out.

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  • Automatically adapts to your environment in 11 different listening categories
  • Remembers changes you make and applies them to similar situations — even in new environments
  • Industry-leading wind noise reduction system ideal for outdoor use
  • Immediate comfort and clarity of speech in quiet and noisy situations
  • Effortlessly guides you to a better hearing experience while remembering your preferences and continuously improving them

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