ReSound One - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

ReSound One

Hear like no other

Just like a fingerprint, your hearing is ONE of a kind. This is because nature has designed the shape of your ear to perfectly capture the sounds around you. ReSound ONE introduces a new class* of hearing aid with an additional microphone inside your ear. This allows the unique shape of your ear to collect sounds, just as nature intended.

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Phonak Audeo Paradise - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Phonak Audeo Paradise

There's nothing like the sound of Paradise

Phonak Audeo Paradise embodies leading technology based on trusted Phonak audiology and proven multifunctionality. Comprised of all-new hardware, Audeo Paradise excels in hearing performance and hosts several elevated features.

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Phonak Lyric - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Phonak Lyric

Invisible. Effortless. 24/7

Lyric is the world’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, shower-proof, for-months-at-a-time hearing aid. Thanks to its unique placement, Lyric remains completely invisible from the outside and allows people to enjoy their hearing again. And no matter how close someone gets, Lyric remains invisible.

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Oticon More - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Oticon More

More clarity. More hearing. More life.

Time to get more out of life! Oticon More is the hearing aid with built-in intelligence to make more sense of sound. Oticon More gives your brain the clearest sound information, allowing you to hear sounds that shouldn’t be missed. You benefit with improved speech understanding with less listening effort and the ability to remember more.

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Widex Moment - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Widex Moment

This sound changes everything.

Meet the first hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid. By changing the paradigm of sound with a revolutionary platform, WIDEX MOMENT™ delivers the most pure, natural sound ever.

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Signia AX - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Signia AX

Be Brilliant.

Signia AX changes the way you hear the world. It uses our revolutionary Augmented Focus technology to split the sound of speech from surrounding sounds, process them separately and create a clear contrast.

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Unitron Discover - Worcester, MA - Audiology Associates of Worcester

Unitron Discover

Fit. Love. Go.

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. And our Discover platform with FLEX™ revolutionizes the hearing experience for you and your clients. Discover is all about empowering people with hearing loss to love the experiences they are in each day.

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