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Fit. Love. Go.

There’s only one chance to make a first impression. And our Discover platform with FLEX™ revolutionizes the hearing experience for you and your clients. Discover is all about empowering people with hearing loss to love the experiences they are in each day.

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    Say goodbye to the status quo. And get ready to love the experience.

    Typical first fit problems will be a thing of the past when your clients learn they are able to take home a trial hearing instrument and see how it works in the real world, without any commitment or pressure to buy. This experience comes with the convenience clients want and the exceptional natural sound and speech clarity they expect. Available with Moxi™ Jump R, Moxi Jump R with telecoil, Moxi Fit and Stride™ P R.


    Forget about the challenges you’ve had in the past when it comes to the first-fit experience. Impress your clients from the very first appointment by championing comfort without sacrificing natural and extraordinary sound.


    Hearing that will make their 20-year-old selves smile Classification of listening environments is critical to hearing instrument performance – and no one does it better than us. SoundCore™ classifies sound as precisely as a normal-hearing 20-year-old.


    New wearers expect hearing instruments to fit seamlessly into their lives. And quite honestly, why shouldn’t they? Discover products deliver a flawless transition, with timely advice and tips to help care and maintain for their devices delivered through our app, direct hands-free calls and media to both ears from any smartphone1, along with an easy charging option. Chat, charge, and repeat, like never before.

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    Stellar sound

    A quick and seamless new workflow in Unitron’s TrueFit™ fitting software ensures a comfortable first fit, while our Automatic Adaptation Manager works behind the scenes to optimize the listening experience at a pace that is comfortable for your clients.

    Great style

    Your clients should only notice two things about their hearing instruments: how good they sound and how sleek they look. On top of sound quality, our user-centric design approach creates the perfect balance of technology and design.

    Tailored fit

    Our domes and receivers are now even more comfortable and durable. The new Sound Delivery System 4.0 offers flexibility with a broad range of receivers and acoustic coupling options to fit every ear.

    World-leading environment classification

    SoundNav 3.0 is the product of years of training our classification algorithm using machine learning so that hearing instruments can perform differently in different situations. Whether it’s a busy café, a movie at home, or streamed signals like speech and music, your clients keep up with any hearing environment, just like a normal-hearing listener would – with sounds classified and optimized accordingly.

    Putting sounds in their place

    Other hearing instruments miss crucial cues about the exact location a sound is coming from. Our Spatial Awareness feature uses an innovative four-microphone strategy to acoustically separate sounds and help your clients better identify exactly where a noise or voice may be coming from.

    The heart of better hearing

    Striking up a conversation in a loud place? SpeechPro has it covered. The innovative approach not only helps better discern speech, but also assists the listener in determining where speech is coming from, even in the most challenging hearing environments.

    Everything in harmony

    Sound Conductor is the revolutionary technology that balances three key areas of natural sound together: Speech enhancement, noise reduction, and directionality. Sound Conductor keeps your clients in the conversation by balancing the three core tenants of impeccable speech understanding.