ReSound Enzo2

Experience smart super power hearing

ReSound ENZO2™ is the next step in smart super power hearing and a complete solution for hearing the sounds that matter most to you. With top-rated sound quality, durable design, new personalization options and direct connection to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® devices - it’s a hearing experience like no other. ReSound ENZO2 is not only the smartest super power hearing aid available, it’s the smallest. And it’s protected against moisture, wax and dust by iSolate™ nanotech, a water-repellent coating. With ReSound ENZO2 you won’t miss an opportunity to connect, interact and engage with your world.

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    The next step in smart hearing for super power users

    ReSound ENZO2™ lets you bring the next generation of smart hearing technology to your patients with severe and profound hearing loss. With top-rated sound quality, a durable design and more ways to connect to the world, it’s a hearing experience like no other.

    All the power your patients need

    ReSound ENZO2 provides the highest stable gain level in the industry, with a maximum stable gain 10% higher than other wireless super power hearing aids. With that unrivaled performance, your patients can enjoy greater amplification and better speech understanding without their hearing aid whistling.

    Binaural Directionality II with Spatial Sense

    Give your patients a vivid sense of where sounds are coming from and effortless speech understanding in noise with new Binaural Directionality™ II with Spatial Sense™.

    Built for Reliability

    ReSound ENZO2 is the world’s most powerful super power hearing aid, and is smaller than any other 675 battery-based hearing aid. All components are coated with iSolate™ nanotech to repel water, dust, and corrosive substances such as earwax and sweat.

    Made for iPhone capabilities

    ReSound ENZO2 features the ability to stream stereo sound from an iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® without an intermediate device. And when used with the ReSound Smart™ app, it offers your patients smart new ways to control and personalize their hearing experience with a touch on their iPhone or Apple Watch®.

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