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Intelligent today, smarter tomorrow.

WIDEX EVOKE™ is based on our entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by our Real-Life Hearing™ philosophy. The goal of every Widex hearing aid is to make perfect hearing effortless, enabling users to fully connect with every moment of their lives.

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    Imagine excellent, tailored sound with superior environment identification and more automation than ever before. Add effective, intuitive controls that improve the automation – controls that quickly guide users to their desired hearing experience in a totally new way. All on a platform intelligent enough to handle true innovation.

    Introducing WIDEX EVOKE™ – the only hearing aid that keeps on learning from the user’s own real-life listening experiences – and from those of other users around the world – to constantly improve how your clients hear. Now, cutting-edge technology puts you at the forefront of a new era in hearing, in which both your and your clients’ satisfaction evolve long after the initial fitting.

    The New Widex E-Platform

    The chipset in WIDEX EVOKE™ has more connections, more processing power and more flexibility than any platform we’ve ever produced. It is the first hearing aid solution to enable machine learning capabilities. The key to its incredible power is a flexible core with dedicated RAM, allowing new features or fitting data to be added without affecting the performance of the accelerated core. Additionally, the E-platform can access the huge processing power of a smartphone via our pure-link 2.4 Ghz technology. This makes the large calculations necessary for machine learning features possible.

    Machine learning helps improve hearing in real life

    Using a stepwise approach, the EVOKE™ app collects observations based on A/B comparisons presented for the user. Based on the input, EVOKE predicts the user's preferences and suggests a new setting. After the completion of 15-20 comparisons, the EVOKE™ machine learning algorithm has performed something equivalent to more than 2 million manual comparisons, which would be impossible for any user. Now, all the end user must do is keep his auditory intention in mind and rate the suggested settings accordingly. The EVOKE™ machine learning algorithm takes care of the rest.

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    Machine learning

    SoundSense Learn lets you make on-the-fly choices that serve to constantly improve the performance of the EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids. First, you listen and compare two A/B sound profiles, then choose one you like best using the Widex smartphone app. Based on your choices, the hearing aid learns what settings you like and deploys them when you experience similar listening environments in the future.

    EVOKE smartphone app

    In addition to SoundSense Learn, the Widex EVOKE smartphone app offers a variety of control options, including advanced control for streaming, volume and programs, directional focus, and more. With it, you can create and name your own personalized programs and save the settings.

    DEX wireless audio streaming accessories

    In addition to Made-for-iPhone capability, the EVOKE Fusion 2 offers additional 2.4 GHz Bluetooth connectivity, utilizing an accessory streamer for non-iPhone Bluetooth devices. It is compatible with Widex DEX assistive listening devices, including the COM-DEX Remote Mic and the and the TV Play audio transmitter.

    Rechargeable battery option

    EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids use size 312 disposable batteries and also have a rechargeable option. You can ask your audiologist to retrofit them with a new battery door to accommodate the ZPower rechargeable batteries.

    Tinnitus relief

    Widex was a pioneer in developing tinnitus relief solutions for people with hearing loss. The EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aids include Widex’s Zen Fractal Technology for tinnitus relief. The technology generates soothing sounds that mask the often-distracting buzzing, humming, hissing and other noises created by tinnitus.